The Pitch

An overview of what GIFT aims to do.
Are you tired of friends and family asking you: “What is crypto? How do I get involved?”
At GIFT, we aim to solve that problem by creating a simple, friendly way to share crypto with your friends and family. By providing a crypto gifting solution that enables people to share crypto via custom links, GIFT aims to make crypto simple by showing people how easy it is to use.
New users who receive crypto through GIFT will be guided through the process of making a wallet and redeeming their tokens in a straightforward and user-friendly way. The GIFT Platform will act as a landing pad for new crypto users, providing a variety of free educational resources and other features, all on one simple platform.
In the long term, GIFT aims to become the go-to gifting solution for the crypto space by offering a unique array of goods and services for crypto users, including the utilization of NFTs, Smart Contracts and passive earning facilities through DeFi.

The Problem

  • Crypto holders and believers find it difficult to introduce new friends and family to the ecosystem, despite the huge increases in public interest and long-term value of crypto.
  • Binance and other complicated exchange KYC requirements create barriers of entry to new crypto users.
  • Crypto is too often associated with trading, which dissuades new users from adoption as they feel that they lack the necessary trading or investing knowledge.
  • Huge public interest in crypto is stonewalled by complex tech fundamentals, fear of financial losses and poor UIs.
  • So far, low levels of retailer adoption of cryptocurrencies has reduced the utility of tokens for the average person. This goes both ways, as retailers equally aren’t incentivized to accept cryptocurrencies, because most crypto users are primarily investors.

Our Solution

People have birthdays and special occasions everyday, and in an ever-growing digital world, it’s becoming more and more common to send digital gifts. For anyone struggling to think of a present idea, or simply someone who’s known to their friends as “that crypto guy,” GIFT will become their go-to present choice.
People will be able to utilize our special Gifting protocol to send crypto on our platform. This will be a simple process that allows users to send their friends and family cryptocurrencies which are stored in escrow contracts and redeemable on the GIFT platform.
Gift card recipients will receive user-friendly instructions explaining how to set up a crypto wallet (e.g Metamask). It only takes about two minutes to set up a wallet, which is a much easier process than getting set up and approved on an exchange like Binance. Recipients will then be able to redeem their crypto tokens within a couple of clicks, providing our system with their newly created wallet address. Recipient wallets shall then receive their gifted cryptocurrencies as well as a small gas top-up (enough for around 10 transactions).
By 2023, the GIFT team aims to introduce 10 million new users to the world of cryptocurrency. As part of this vision, we strive to become the world-leading crypto gifting platform.
Last modified 1yr ago