Market Overview and Competitors

As of April 2021, there are no other direct competitors to GIFT currently active in the crypto industry.
Some projects with some overlapping fundamentals have appeared over the last four years but they are currently inactive. For example, “Gifto” wanted to help users send tokens through their custom mobile app. However they have deleted their roadmap, and the project has been inactive for over 15 months. Another example is “Gift-coin”, which has been inactive since 2018, and its sole aim was to be used for charitable donation.
For our Gifting protocol, there are no competitors or similar products in the crypto market.
When it comes to custom NFT generation, there are some custom NFT projects on WAX, however we have assessed these projects and deemed them as non-competitive because they do not serve the same function as GIFT custom NFTs will.In terms of our long-term aim of retailer integration, there are some examples of moderate success like WORLD token’s partnership with Shoppify. However, the GIFT team does not believe these integrations to be a threat to our project as more successful marketing will simply encourage mass adoption of GIFT by retailers.
Last modified 1yr ago