GIFT Ecosystem

Token Use Cases

GIFT Crypto

Users will be able to send crypto to friends and family both via email and via custom link.
The Gifting protocol will utilize escrow smart contracts, interacting with our servers to generate both emails and shareable messages with simple redeem instructions for gift recipients.
The redemption process is designed for completely new crypto users with the intention of getting them to open their first crypto wallet. This process has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.
How does it work?
The gifting protocol will evolve in the following manner:
  1. 1.
    Users will be able to send GIFT tokens by email.
  2. 2.
    Users will be able to send GIFT tokens by shareable link.
  3. 3.
    Users will be able to gift other cryptocurrencies available on Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains.
  4. 4.
    Users will be able to send multiple cryptocurrencies in a single gift.
There will be a 2% fee added to gifts of other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH etc. that will be redirected to staking pools. Refer to the GIFT staking section for more info on this process.
Furthermore, each use of the gifting protocol will result in the creation and receiving of a gift rebate token for the gift sender. Refer to the GIFT Partner Rewards section for more info on this process.

GIFT Staking

GIFT holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to earn from the fees generated by the platform. The first GIFT staking pools will allow users to stake GIFT and earn rewards from the fees generated by the gifting protocol. These fees will be charged in the form of the token being sent through the protocol, allowing gift stakers to stake GIFT and earn Btc, Eth, Doge etc. from the fees generated for those particular tokens. The fee will be of 2% on all tokens (besides GIFT) being sent through the protocol.
We believe this will be an excellent introductory way for new DeFi users to understand how utility tokens work and how they can be used to generate revenue, as well as an excellent incentive to hold GIFT and earn passive income from the activity of the protocol.
As we build on our platform and develop new features such as NFT gifting and GIFT Cards, we will add staking pools for GIFT holders to earn from those fees.

GIFT Partner Rewards Store

Each use of the gift protocol shall reward the gift sender with a rebate token.
As users sending gifts collect these rebate tokens they shall be able to utilize them on our partner rewards store in exchange for NFTs provided by partners offering discounts and benefits on their respective platforms. The rewards platform will also offer users the option of donating their rebate tokens to partnered charities.
The partners receiving the rebate tokens through the store will then earn a percentage of the partner rewards tax in GIFT tokens based on how many rebate tokens they have received in relation to other projects. This will mean projects offering better offerings on the store shall receive a higher share of the rewards pool. The pool will be weighted in such a way that the 'hottest' or most popular projects will earn the largest allocation.
The tax is currently set to 0, however once this feature is available this shall be added as 0.5%.


The NFT market is incredibly large and we aim to be the go-to solution for people looking to gift NFTs to new users outside of crypto.
The NFT gifting protocol will be a re-adaptation of the crypto gifting protocol allowing users to gift NFTs by email or simply by shareable link. The fee structure for this service has yet to be determined by the GIFT team, however same as our other services, profits will be shared back to shareholders through dedicated staking pools.

GIFT Cards

Personalized gift cards are used everyday to add a personal touch to a present. We aim to be the go to digital gift card solution for all crypto users.
Our NFT Gift card generation protocol shall allow users to personalize and generate a custom NFT giftcard, requiring a small fixed fee per use. These shall be sendable to peoples wallets and marketed for their sentimental value more so than as a premium art piece for investment.
As our platform develops designers shall be able to develop custom gift card designs and earn commisions in GIFT through the platform for users who wish to generate GiftCard NFTs adopting their design.

GIFT Subscriptions

GIFT shall be utilized with partners in music, art and streaming industries as a subscription and gifting token for premium access and features.
We envision that as crypto adoption increases and GIFT holders spread, artists and celebrity figures will be incentivized to receive GIFT. Our GIFT subscriptions platform will allow users to purchase subscriptions for their favourite artists in the form of NFTs, receiving access to exclusive content. As these NFTs will be tradeable we believe this will create a market for artist subscriptions, with values increasing or decreasing with regard to artist popularity and content value.

GIFT Charity

At GIFT we believe in the importance of giving, as such we shall be partnering with a number of charities to allow users to send both GIFT and other cryptocurrencies to support and help develop projects.
We shall be vetting charities on our platform before hand to ensure they are legitimate and there shall be no fees for charity gifting.

GIFT Employee Rewards

GIFT shall provide a solution for businesses to reward their employees with crypto, similarly to current businesses such as Perx rewards.
Businesses are incentivised to do so as these bonuses are tax-free and allow them to reward their employees in a fun, novel way. This system will be a re-adaptation of the current gifting protocol, however some modifications will be made for multiple recipients.

GIFT Experiences

GIFT's platform shall allow users to select and combine a variety of activities into a single NFT receipt to use or to send as a gift to someone, creating a unique experience package.
By developing partnerships across multiple sectors, we shall offer users the ability to combine trips, accommodation, dining, sports and leisure activities into a single package which upon confirmation will generate a unique NFT receipt. Thanks to the convenience of smart contracts, this unique NFT will be propagated to all partnered services and act as proof of purchase for the user.
We expect this feature to be easily marketable due to the novelty and convenience it will offer users.

GIFT Liquidity Rewards

GIFT token holders shall be able to receive rewards for staking liquidity.
Liquidity providers shall be able to deposit their LP tokens from PancakeSwap into a specialized farming smart contract through our platform. The liqudity rewards shall come from the liquidity provider rewards tax on every transaction.
The tax is currently set to 0, however once this feature is available this shall be added as 0.5%.
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