Our vision is for GIFT to help millions of new users to open a crypto wallet and deposit their first tokens. This is our product roadmap.

  • GIFT token creation.
  • Private and Public presales.
  • Gifting protocol for GIFT tokens by email.
  • GIFT Academy Phase 1.
  • Liquidity provider rewards through platform staking.

  • Gifting protocol for GIFT tokens by shareable link.
  • Gifting protocol for large cap cryptocurrencies and partnered tokens.
  • GIFT Academy Phase 2.
  • Specialised onboarding per token.
  • GIFT Retailer Integration with CryptoCart.
  • GIFT staking and partner rewards.
  • GIFT Investments.

  • On-ramp Gifting.
  • NFT Giftcard generation protocol.
  • GIFT NFTs.
  • GIFT Charity.
  • Eth and Matic Bridging

  • GIFT Experiences.
  • GIFT Subscriptons.
  • GIFT Employee Rewards.
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